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Making an idea come to life isn't easy!

After a glorious day fly fishing in the sun, with trout sizzling in a frying pan, we opened the second bottle of wine thinking "This is life."

Looking at the southern fjords, where no roads existed nor had man stepped in most places, my brother said "We should build a boat". What a perfect idea! How hard could it be?

He forgot that wood will rot, the Patagonian storms rage for six months a year, crew will disappear and come back days later reeking of alcohol, the Chilean Navy is supremely strict, and that there is a saying "The two happiest days for the owner of a boat are the day he buys it and the day he sells it."

In 2012 when I made the decision to found Isla Natura, I had the same thought. How hard could it be? Life had taught me much since 1997, but it wasn't enough. Again, I forgot to think of all the details. How does one build a processing plant? How to preserve a fruit's antioxidants, nutrients, or unique flavor? How to make people want to try these fruits?

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