Wild Rosehip

Super Food

(Rosa rubiginosa & Rosa canina)

Although the Rose Hip is a native fruit of Europe, Chile is one of the largest producers of products made from this beautiful fruit. 

 The plants were brought by European immigrants in the 18th century because of their recognized health value.  For centuries they have been cherished for the super high Vitamin C levels and as well being an antioxidant & and natural anti-inflammatory.  Isla Natura works with local wild harvesters and freeze dries in our production facility to preserve all the taste and healthy qualities of this wonderful plant.

Reaches you with love and care

Small Farmers & Wild Harvesters


We at Isla Natura are convinced that supporting communities where our ingredients come from is the best way to protect the environment, help small farmers AND create the highest quality products for YOU.  This means being based in the areas where the ingredients come from.  Producing food can be a win-win for you, for the harvesters and for the environment if we all work together!

Organic and

Freeze Dried

Why is this important?

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The Importance of Organic


Means that the fields and wild areas are inspected to be clean of pollution and the entire chain from harvest to transport and processing has used strict standards of cleanliness, hygiene and chemical free-care of the fruit.  Clean Harvest = No Dirty Hands!

The perfect processing method: Freeze-drying


It is the only dehydration process (cold vacuum drying) that preserves all the properties of Rose Hip and its super high Vitamin C levels.



Products with Wild Rosehip