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Britt Lewis


Sandra Echegaray

We arrived to Chiloé 22 years ago

fulfilling a dream

of freedom, creativity & dedication to health

On the Island we find a wonderful world, we feel the freedom to create a life consistent with our principles and respectful of the nature that we love and venerate so much.

Isla Natura was born twelve years ago after having explored the Island and having explored our hearts, after three daughters and countless "adventures" with beautiful people and wonderful places.

The rhythm of nature, the tides and the winds of Chiloé became our own rhythm, our heartbeat, our breath. Gradually it became clear to us the importance of the tiny, the imperceptible, the truly important: celebrating our body with the best nutrition is the path to health and health is the foundation of well-being.


You can feel energy, strength, clarity of mind, have a powerful immune system simply by paying attention to what you eat - and including treasures of nature in your daily diet.

It's that simple.

To share what we learned, we created Isla Natura in 2010, where we make delicious products that at the same time give you health benefits such as antioxidants and vitamins.

This is done with total commitment to involving our local community to ensure that people here have an interest in protecting and nurturing the wonderful natural environment that offers us its treasures as raw materials. 

Our products are made here on Chiloé with the best ingredients, our own recipes, careful processing and celebration of Nature of which we are fortunate to be a part.


We believe that a healthy society it is a happy society.


Life, Nature, Chiloé

Chiloé is a jewel enriched and blessed with abundance, it gives us the richness of its ancestral forests and its secrets. We made the decision to stay here and create Isla Natura in the place of origin of the food, due to the coherence that this has for us and our company. The unique flavors and the essence of its nutritional powers in our products are maintained and enhanced while promoting the sustainability of your harvest. The fusion of high quality ingredients and advanced technology processes in the place of origin result in exquisite products with high nutritional power.

Our commitment


First of all, it is with the conservation of our beautiful planet that we all have the fortune to live.


We feel it is our duty to care and protect grateful for your generosity. Using the abundance of resources that it gives us in a respectful, conscientious and sustainable way, it is possible to have enough food of excellent quality and in sufficient quantities for everyone.


Southern Chile is a part of the planet with incredible biodiversity and with dense temperate forests that provide ideal conditions for life.


By supporting us, you support native farmers, enrich your own body, and contribute to an eternally beautiful and natural Chile.

The Team


Gary Vasquez

Plant Manager &
Mr Fix It

Fanatic of bicycling, diving, snorkeling and sport fishing on Chiloé's rivers..

I arrived at here again after a two year absence and I am very happy to rejoin the Isla Natura family since it satisfies me as a person to know that I am working in a company that, in addition to caring about conserving and caring for the environment, rescues the natural products that nature offers us and that also promotes healthy eating and living. I fell in love with the island's landscapes, lifestyle and tranquility that is breathed, also here I found love (my wife!), and our two babies that came to brighten our lives. The excellent work environment, which is a family environment, added to the wonders of Chiloé, my family and being able to do my favorite sports make my life unique and I enjoy it 100%.

Claudia Soto.png

Claudia Soto


Production Wizard 

 Born and raised in Ancud, on Chiloé Island, Claudia  currently lives with her partner. She loves to cook, enjoy family time, work on the land in her garden and live on her beloved Island. She has been working in Isla Natura for about 5 years, gradually entering support in various tasks in the processing plant until today in charge of many of the most challenging production lines. Previously, she worked in quality control ​​supervision and administration of fish processing plants. She is very satisfied and happy with life, her island, family and and what she does.

Víctor González.png

Víctor González

Harvestor, carpenter & all round go-to guy

Chiloé native, diver, artisanal fisherman and farmer. Multifaceted in field tasks and a lover of life outside, in contact with nature. The right hand of Isla Natura in everything related to the improvement, pruning and care of the field and the care of the fruits. Fundamental piece during harvest times.

100% Delicious & Natural

Isla Natura since 2010 has been careful to produce premium quality products, using in our favor high quality Chilean fruits, free of contaminants, with great health benefits. We have advanced technology that guarantees a clean and optimal production, we comply with the high quality standards, keeping intact the nutrients of all the raw material that we incorporate from the origin to our final purpose: “to deliver delicious products that contribute to everyone enjoying a Healthy life".

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